UPVC Ball Valve
  Supplier & Manufacturer of UPVC Ball Valves. Our product range also comprises of UPVC Ball Valve and U PVC Ball Valve.
UPVC Ball Valve
U-Seal ASTM Standard UPVC Ball Valve are manufactured with the use of Lead Free PVC Compound. Hydraulic testing and parameters of processing of our UPVC Ball Valve are as per ASTM D-1784 standard, bering UV stabilize, ball valves can be used in sunlight exposed conditions. Other quality of these ball valve are its Simple and leak proof jointing system. Being non metallic, these ball valves are free from corrosion, chemical action and negative biological effects, hence absolutely safe for human body. These UPVC Ball Valve are used in plumbing application in building, industrial process lines, dye houses, sugar & paper Industries.

Features and Benefits of 
UPVC Ball Valve:

  •   This UPVC Ball Valve are Thermoplastic design eliminates process and atmospheric corrosion
  •   This UPVC Ball Valve are Pressure rated up to 150 psi, non-shock water at 73°F (Tested to 225 psi)
  •   This UPVC Ball Valve are 100% Leak Tested
  •   This UPVC Ball Valve are Socket dimensions meet ASTM standard PVC: 2-2467
  •   This UPVC Ball Valve are FIPT x FIPT version: Threads meet ASTM standard D-2464, ANSI B1.20.1
  •   This UPVC Ball Valve are PVC Material meets ASTM D - 1784
  •   This UPVC Ball Valve are Bi-directional: can be installed in either direction
  •   This UPVC Ball Valve are Replacement handle kits available

    Specifications of 
    UPVC Ball Valve:
No. Part Material Quantity
1 Body PVC 1
2 Seat Seal EPDM 2
3 Ball PVC 1
4 O-ring EPDM 1
5 Handle PVC 1
6 Bolt Zinc-Plated Steel 1
7 Cap ABS 1